Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grocery Shopping 101

  The propeller we had ordered for the dinghy outboard had to be special ordered and wouldn't come in until next Thursday, a week away. I told the marina to forget it, and they totally understood. I'm glad I called them to find out the status of the prop that was supposed to come in today.
  I fixed a loose piece of woodwork in our stateroom this morning and cleaned the mold off of the life ring hanging on the flybridge. You can't get to lax around here.
  We were waiting for high tide and after lunch we took the dinghy down a canal to where we now knew the grocery store was located. We docked the dinghy at the end of the canal and tied it up against a concrete sea wall but we put our fenders out. Where we docked was so close to the strip mall where the Save-a-Lot was located, we nearly fell into a dumpster as we climbed out of the dinghy.
  The first place we saw was the Duds and Suds that we were looking for on Monday. If I had lived around here, I would have been able to tell someone exactly how to get to the laundromat via a dinghy. I hope someone asks me before we leave. We also saw a Little Ceasars Pizza, not a fan, but pizza is pizza when you really want it.
  We noticed the Save-a-Lot, but further along the strip mall was the Holy Grail, a West Marine. I had a suspicion that the West Marine was in this strip mall, but one of my apps showed it to be somewhere else. We went to West Marine first and they had a spare prop for our Mercury at the same price as everyone else. Ding Ding Ding. Next, I asked about a collapsible cart that I had considered getting over year ago but didn't get for some reason. They had one in stock and we bought it and some snap covers too. The cart is expensive, but it won't rust and will fold down to a size we can deal with.
  Next it was on to the grocery store and we loaded up our cart. Once we checked out, I unfolded our new cart and we got everything in it, including two 18 packs of Bud Light, but Rosie had to carry two bags back to the dinghy while I rolled the new cart. Nifty.
  Rosie put all our groceries away and then we loaded up the cooler with a few beers, grabbed up Holly, piled all the trash into the dinghy, (a weeks worth) and headed for Pete's Pier to get fuel and dump the trash. The dinghy tank took a whopping 3 gallons of non-ethanol regular and when I went in to pay I bought Rosie a new snorkel and mask, one that would fit her small little face better than the other new one she has.
  We then took a ride over to the Three Sisters Spring to drink the last of our beers and chat it up with some of the people over there. Once the beers were gone it was back to the boat for a dinner of leftovers. We keep our refrigerator very well organized by eating leftovers when we have them. In nearly five months we've only had to throw away one food item, a small bowl of rice.
  We could easily stay here until the weather changes, but we plan on cutting out on Saturday morning. The attraction of seeing what's next is too compelling for us to resist.
  I wish I had some pictures for this blog but I don't, but a new camera is on our list of stuff to get, but so is new fly swatters. I think the new fly swatters will be the first thing we get.

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  1. Keep posting - I am a fellow river rat and at the yacht club with a 270 sea ray sundancer. I to one day want to do the loop over a long time period after i retire - 20 or so years from now.

    i enjoy your post


    Mark A. Roussey