Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spanish Wells

  Just a quick note today. We left our anchorage just off of Lynard Cay this morning at 7:30 after a nice breakfast consisting of a corned beef hash omelet, toast and hot coffee.
  Big swells passing through the Little Harbour Cut and they didn't let up once on our over five hour crossing past "Hole In the Wall" on the southern tip of Great Abaco and then on to Ridley Head, just on the northern tip of Eleuthera, a total of 51 miles.
  The waves were on our port quarter bow and fairly consistent, and we were only ringing the ships bell on every fourth one or so.
  We only passed one sailboat going the opposite way of us, but we saw three sailboats way off in the distance when we finally spotted land as we approached Eleuthera.

  We wanted to go on the hook, but the wind is going to be nasty when the cold front moves in Monday night, or early on Tuesday, so when we cruised by the local mooring field and saw nearly all of the only eight moorings already taken, we called on the VHF and got assigned a mooring for $20 per night.
  We are in a tight little mooring field and the sailboat next to us is pretty close. We got the "hands on the hips" treatment as we tied up, but our mooring harness is as tight as we can get it. The other guy's isn't.
  I said hello to our neighbor and told him I'd be monitoring the radio if he saw a problem. He seems nice enough, and said that he has a spotlight he uses to get the attention of other boaters. I told him that the spotlight will be hard for me to see when I'm sleeping.
  Tomorrow we'll make our trip to BaTelCo to see about getting Internet back on our iPad. I missed having it today.
  We also still have an overheating issue on the starboard engine. Either we picked up more debris in the starboard sea strainer since I cleaned it out in Port Lucaya, or there is another issue. I'll have to look into it tomorrow. I'll check the circulating water pump belt and then the raw water impeller. If I have to call out the cavalry, there is a good boatyard here. This has been a full day, so none of these things are happening for the time being.
  A pork roast has been simmering in the crockpot all day. (Ever use a crockpot when you had to use a bungy cord on the lid?)  When we ladle the pork over the egg noodles we're going to cook up later, we'll have a feast. We'll add a bottle of wine we bought in Marsh Harbour and then maybe shoot some bottle rockets over toward the neighboring sailboat if things get too quiet.

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  1. Lovin' your Bahamas experience so far, and thanks for keeping up the blog even tho' Internet is tougher to find and expensive. You guys are doing great! In our experience, "hands on hips" treatment is commonly referred to as "bitch wings"! LOL Hope you sort out the overheating engine problem readily, thanks for continuing to make make me laugh or smile over my morning coffee. Cathryn