Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

  As planned, we spent the whole Memorial Day weekend on Old Hickory Lake. It seems like anyone with anything that would float was out this weekend and for once within recent memory it didn't rain the entire weekend, but boy was it hot here, as it was in most of the country.
  Some folks we met last weekend called us and we spent some time with them and had a real good time again at Rudders, which is at Anchor High, the marina at the Old Hickory Lake Lock. Afterwards, we found our way back to a cove just up the lake called Wedding Cove. I'm not sure what the pecking order was when it came to naming this cove and Skinnydip Cove, but one was sure to come before the other.
  As hot as it was on Saturday, it cooled down just fine on Saturday night for sleeping, but a big stork or something landed on the deck above our heads and woke us up. When I say "us", I mean Holly too, and her watch dog talents were again put to good use.

  We stayed put in Wedding Cove on Sunday and thought we would just chill out and relax. We discovered that Holly really liked the rafts and we found her climbing on them we weren't watching and laying down too. I thought two rafts would be enough, turns out I really need three.

  Here Rosie is taking a turn on her own raft, at times using the shade of the dinghy for a bit more relief from the heat. Our new friends Scott and Kay came by later in the afternoon to say hello, but left to attend to family and when the temperature cooled down some, we grilled some burgers and took a late swim.
  We stayed put again in the same spot on Sunday night, but only one other boat shared our anchorage for the night. After breakfast on Monday morning some fishermen came floating by and it appeared that they were having motor trouble. I told them that I could tow them to where they needed to go, but they eventually got their flooded engine started and happily motored on.
  We were in the mood for people watching, so it was back to Skinnydip Cove for us on Memorial Day. We just spent the whole day swimming and laying around, the heat making us lazy. Charging our batteries with a lazy day was just what we needed after a busy Friday and Saturday night.
  We had already planned to lock down to Lake Barkley on Tuesday and head back to Kentucky Lake, about 200 miles away, and then I found out that our friend, Little John Bicknese, was racing their drag boat in Pisgah Cove at Kentucky Lake next Saturday, so we have added incentive to get back there in time for that. I think they won the event last year.
  A storm came through Nashville and just missed us. We just got a little sprinkle, but again we get rain on this holiday, it never fails. After a very brief shower, Rosie and I had dinner and watched a little T.V., then I got to beat Rose at dominoes. I also wanted to fire off this brief blog post, plus it's still too hot to turn in.
  I hope all of our friends and blog readers had a nice, safe weekend, and spent at least a few moments remembering what this holiday is all about.

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  1. What a lovely boat. Glad to come across your friendly blog and adventures. What an adorable doggie. She, too, looks happy. She'd like my Sudsie, an Aussie Doodle. Best wishes to you.