Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Short Travel Day But We Have Our First Mission

  The conversation with our new acquaintance Jerry the other day came back to me as we passed the burned down home of what used to be Johnny Cash's house. One year after the almost 14,000 square foot home was bought by Barry Gibb in 2006, it burned to the ground and it remains so today. I didn't take any pictures.
  Not even 20 miles up the river we both were tired and decided to find an anchorage to have lunch and take a swim, maybe even a nap. We found Cedar Creek that was home to a private marina and a public one, Pearson's Cedar Creek Marina. I anchored out of the way along a tall bluff and eventually took our swim.

  Here Holly is showing her form, but making a bee line back to the boat from where Rosie swam out with her. We're trying to get her used to the idea that swimming is a fun thing.

  Before this shot I had noticed some clouds moving in and checked the weather radar and forecast. A spot shower was predicted, but nothing severe and winds were not predicted to exceed 7 miles per hour, especially by nightfall.
  I knew I didn't have enough rode let out on our anchor but we seemed to be holding OK. More anchor line was only going to put us closer to the bluffs that lined our anchorage, complete with very hard looking rocks at the waterline.

  This picture shows how pretty the sky looked with the sun contrasting with the big, dark, ugly clouds rolling in. Most people would have gotten nervous at this point and I did too.
  We battened down the hatches and got ready to ride out the storm and when the wind picked up, I mean really picked up, our proximity to the rocky shoreline became increasingly closer...and closer.
  Remember me mentioning our snarled anchor the other day? Over two years ago I installed a swivel at the anchor shackle and never had a problem with it on the Mississippi River. Several times so far, the anchor has been spun around and got caught on the pulpit and tripped the automatic reset breaker on the windlass. This means waiting a couple of minutes until the breaker resets after unsnarling the anchor and trying it again. Apparently the breaker has now weakened and wants to trip at any and everything. The idea that I was due to find another breaker at some point has been growing in my pea brain for the last couple of days and the idea has now sprouted into a full grown weed.
  An uncooperative windlass is bad enough on a calm day, but when a storm is threatening to blow you into some rocks, the matter grows in importance. The breaker on the windlass tripped several times and I kept Swing Set away from danger using her power. I kept calm between sips of Bud Light. No reason for panic. Panic never solves anything.
  With the anchor back on deck, we motored over to another cove with a gentle sloping shoreline, sure to mean nice soft mud; a much better place to get stuck as opposed to granite. We were just outside of the no wake buoys of Pearson's Cedar Creek Marina and not only let out about 100 foot of anchor line, I deployed a stern anchor too as the calming wind was doing more of a swirl and we weren't sure from which direction the wind would wind up coming from as the night wore on.
  Our storm had passed and a gentle rain fell as we had a hearty bowl of beef stew, one of several cans in our larder. Rosie trounced me in a game of dominoes before we watched a movie on our Roku player from Netflix. I'm not sure how much of our data plan we used up watching the movie, but didn't care.
  We slept like babes and here we are again. My mission for the day is to find a 30 amp resettable breaker, or have one (or two) shipped to us from the people at Good Automatic Windlass. I'll let you know how it goes.

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