Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bopping Around Kentucky Lake

  I just want to update the blog a little. We are still in Kentucky Lake and really enjoying our time here. We plan to head upriver next Monday so some friends can come visit this coming weekend.
  The last couple of weekends have been filled with meeting new people and having a whole lot of fun. Boaters are easy to meet because there is lots in common, but at times there is more in common with others than most.
  To prevent any potential embarrassment I won't mention names, but last weekend some friends lost their anchor and about 150 of chain in the quarry. Ouch. That kind of tackle doesn't come cheap, but it wasn't their fault as it could happen to anyone. The steep rock cliffs underwater in the quarry are natural snags for any anchor and they don't let go.
  We've been in Pisgah Bay for the most part but the deep cove we were in is a natural ski cove and the skiers were using Swing Set for a pylon. We also had horrible service in there and it's nice to be able to send emails and post the blog without waiting forever for things to upload. I do want to mention that in response to AT&T's advertised "thousands and thousands" of WiFi hotspots across the USA: I think you have to be sitting right on top of the counter at places like McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts to get service.
  We had extra incentive to move our anchorage this morning. Like I said, we were in Pisgah Bay, having stumbled over to it after a late Sunday in The Quarry. It's the next cove over and I needed my Navionics to assist in finding a place to drop anchor. Bud Light strikes again.
  Yesterday was recuperation day, but we did manage to take our trash to a state campground nearby and dump it, but mostly we swam around and read our Kindles. A houseboat came in late in the afternoon, and so did all those sailboats like they did last Monday and we all gave each other lots of room. The houseboat however, pulled up the hook and moved over pretty close to us this morning and we decided to vacate the premises. Not so much as a privacy issue, but ski boats would have been forced to navigate between our two boats and even make bigger wakes for us. The mom and pop crew on the rental houseboat seemed to be having some sort of disagreement over something this morning and I asked Rosie what she thought was the matter. She said that maybe their engine was dead and I asked her how she knew that they even had an injun', and why was he dead? She barely was able to keep the hot coffee she was drinking from spewing out her nose.
  So now we're back in Smith Bay and we have a great signal. We had some business to attend to with our financial advisor and were able to print some documents, sign and scan them, and send them back. Pretty neat to be able to conduct this type of business while on the hook.
  We have 1/4 tank left on our water but we think it will last until Friday when we motor over to Green Turtle Bay once again. We'll be picking friends up there on Saturday morning for a fun day in The Quarry once again. I think we can last until then if we keep using the lake for our own bath tub, come to think of it, it's how the injuns did it.
  It's hot here like it is in most of the midwest and we always wonder how we are going to be able to cope with the heat. Daytime is not bad, but the key is if the nights are cool and right now they are. Florida will make us or break us, but plan B will be to get a slip somewhere and plug in until the temperatures come down. Today we plan on staying in the nice clear water here in Kentucky Lake and take it as it comes. I'm tempted to try out our snorkel gear but I figure there's no hurry, even clearer water is on the horizon.
  It'll be a few days before I post again but you can sign up to be emailed when a new blog is posted. I can't promise any juicy tales from the weekends, but you never know, I might make a mistake one Monday morning.


  1. Great blog!

    I really enjoy how you both are taking your time just enjoying where you are instead of cruising off to new destinations everyday without getting a "feel" for the area. Just the lifestyle I envy!!

    I only have to get through another 17 years before I get my endless Saturday. Living on the hook seems like an enticing way to do it. Now if I could convince the "Admiral"...

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.