Friday, June 8, 2012

One Month and Counting

  We left St. Louis one month ago and it seems like yesterday. I thought I would post a quick blog with some random thoughts because unlike the books I have read about other people doing this sort of thing, a blog is something that needs continuous input to keep readers interested, especially if the blog is accessible through a link on several other websites like this one is.
  I am constantly thinking about what the next blog will be about. It's easy to do when we are traveling because new things happen all the time. Now that we are resting easy here in Smith Bay on Kentucky Lake, new things to report are harder to find.
  Today marks the fifth day we have been in this spot; the anchors have not moved an inch. It's nice here and the view is excellent. I have posted updates on our facebook account on how we've been just lounging, grilling, swimming, etc., and our friends reply that they are envious, jealous, and just plain hate us. But just like the books I have read on the subject that have inspired us, I'm hoping this blog will in turn inspire others to follow their dream, whatever it is.
  There are still things to do on a boat at all times. We've been waxing, of course, and doing little odds and ends that always need doing. The other day, after the severe thunderstorm that we had, I found over 4" of water in the cooler in the dinghy. Not a problem if we were using it for a cooler, but our life jackets, minor tools, and handheld VHF are stored in there. The VHF is only weatherproof, not waterproof, but it was bobbing around in the bottom of the cooler and did not offer a response when I fished it out and turned it on. Being through several floods over the years, I have some experience with such occasions, so I took it apart and let it dry out. I put it back together and it started squawking like a newborn baby.
  Then, I finally got wise and left the drain plug out of the cooler for future downpours, you would think I would have done that before, but I didn't think the lid would leak so much. For added insurance, I added another drain hole nearer to the bottom of the cooler so no more water will accumulate in there, plus decided to keep the VHF in the pouch of a little cooler we keep in the big cooler, for items that need, well...need to be kept cool.
  I also found the primer ball on the outboard on the dinghy was getting cracked. It's only three years old, but rubber does that. Yesterday we went on a mission to find a new primer ball for the fuel line. We were going to visit our friend Madge at Green Turtle Bay anyway, so we finished some chores in the morning and headed downriver about 6 miles, first to Kentucky Dam Marina, and then to GTB. Kentucky Dam Marina had primer balls for a cheap price, but not the size we needed, but we bought some wax and toilet deodorant there, just to spread the wealth around some. After getting gas for the dinghy at Green Turtle Bay, we visited their well stocked ship's store and got the primer ball we needed, but at two and half times the price. This is not the life for comparison shopping.
  Madge was just arriving for her weekend at the boat when we pulled up and she had what we were really after: two 30 packs of the golden nectar, Bud Light. We visited with Madge for a bit and then jumped into the dinghy for the ride back up the lake after donning the life jackets; not on us, but on the Bud Light.
  Not only does the blog keep me busy, but between Rosie and I, it's always one thing or another dealing with administrating our emails and regular mail. St. Brendan's Isle has been well worth the money it costs for joining. We get an email telling us about new mail that has had the envelope scanned and if it's something that looks important, we have them open it and scan the contents. We then can shred it our we save it to our electronic files. We haven't had to have them send anything to us yet. I'd recommend them to any travelers.
  Later today we are pulling up anchor and going back over to The Moors for dinner and we'll fill up the water tank and get a pump out. This evening we're going to probably anchor in Pisgah Bay if I can find a spot with Internet service, then we're meeting some folks tomorrow in the local hotspot, The Quarry, for some of the activities that take place in there.
  So while we're here on Kentucky Lake, our blog posts will be a little further apart. Reporting on our day to day activities seem a bit narcissistic to me, and we're not trying to brag about how great this is, so I'll only send something along if I feel it makes a good story or exemplifies the basic live aboard experience. Until then, check out the sunset we saw from our "back porch" last night.


  1. How's the water, clean, do you miss the mud ? Is thier any sand beaches you can stand in ?

  2. Yes. No. Yes. I thought you said you read these things, you nut.

  3. When I made the trip to Kentucky Lake,we hung out at The Quarry.Be advised anchoring there is a good test of your skills and length of anchor rope/chain.Its "deep"
    Thanks for the update, Yep still readin em