Friday, July 19, 2013

Back To Elizabeth Harbour And Georgetown

  Elizabeth Harbour was a welcome sight. As we motored into the inlet, my mind was filled with several things, like what kind of fish was it that we had in our cooler? How was I going to untangle the bird's next I created of my new fishing reel? And, why did I waste all of our ice and most of our vodka on a damn fish?
  Clavon was happy to see us at the Exuma Yacht Club. While we were fueling up, I showed him our fish after making him promise not to laugh. A couple other boat owners came over to take a look. No one knew what I had caught. Two guesses were that I had in our possession, a bonita, or some kind of jack, whatever that is.
  I asked Clavon if it was good for eating, and his answer of "Not sure, mon", didn't give me much hope for us in eventually enjoying a fish dinner for all our trouble.
  We took our old anchorage over under the monument off of Hamburger Beach. I consulted my book of game fish that I had purchased last October, not having had an occasion to look at it much since then, and found out that I had caught an Almaco Jack, one of the several types of jack fish. The guide reported that the fish was sporting to catch, to which I could attest, and that it was excellent to eat, if you cut away the dark red meat from the sides of the fish.
  When I got done skinning and hacking away at our fish with my filet knife, we still had enough left of it for a fine fish dinner. But it wasn't going to be Wednesday night, or the next night either.
  We had been cooking a nice sirloin steak in the crock pot during our trip back from Long Island and that was going to be our dinner. We had designs on going to Peace and Plenty for their barbecue on Thursday night, so Rosie put the cut up fish in a Ziplock bag, and we made plans to have fried fish and macaroni on Friday night. Cold cuts are the back up.
  On Thursday we took the dinghy into town for groceries and to visit the BTC office to have the SIM card in the iPad renewed. We also visited the Top To Bottom hardware store where I got a spool of fishing line and a small gaff to use for the next time I go fishing.
  On Thursday evening we took Holly with us over to Peace and Plenty for their barbecue. We shared a $15 rib plate and had enough for both of us to eat. We were helped along with two for $5 Sands beers. Good if served very cold. Like Miller Lite, but better.
  We met up with some cruisers who we had become acquainted with before we left for Long Island. The place was chock full of interesting patrons. We met folks from Austria, Argentina, and Australia. Had the "A's" covered.
  I had to deal with a local who tried to sneak off with a full beer of Rosie's when she left to go to the bathroom, but I was able to do so without resorting to violence. Now I'm a diplomat. All in all, we had a great time at the Peace and Plenty.
  Today I changed out the impeller on our raw water pump. It was hot, I was sweaty, but I completed the job in under two hours and only cut myself once. There were no leaks when I fired up the port side Cat to check my work.
  It's been raining most of the day and I've been working on these posts, but having a great deal of trouble with them saving properly, but I'm getting the job done.
  We have plans to fry fish for dinner and play some cards later. It's a good day.

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