Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Living Life

  We cooked our Almaco Jack last Friday night, deep fried in Andy's Seasoning, and served it up with macaroni and cheese and a side salad. The meat of the fish tasted like tuna, but had a lighter color. The few bones were easily picked out, and we had enough from the fish for two meals. I'd call it a success, but don't want to add up what it really cost to catch and eat the thing. Livin' off da fat of da land!
  My blog posts look different, and there isn't pictures. There is a good reason. Last month I used up our monthly data transfer allowance of 800 megabytes in less than five days. This prevented us from using our desktop computer for some very important personal business that we had to address with one of our insurance companies. I'm not going to let this happen again. I think our AT&T bill was higher than our last mortgage payment.
  When I exceed the 800 megabytes, another 150 megabytes are added instantly at a cost of $30. 150 megabytes does not go far. For instance, on my last blog that had several pictures, I exceeded my allowance five times in just a few minutes. What happens is that blogspot updates, and saves whatever you are writing automatically, so I had exceeded my allowance during the writing of that large post, and our AT&T bill shows five charges of $30 each within just a few minutes. So now I'm posting using the iPad with the BTC SIM card. BTC charges $30 per month. They claim you get one gig of data transfer for this charge, but we have determined that you get one month, no matter how much data you use. They have no way currently to administrate the data usage of an individual. They have a way to check, but they don't have the employees to turn that extra usage into a charge to the customer. Welcome to a third world country.
  It's late into our trip, but tomorrow we're going to visit the very nice BTC office here in Georgetown and purchase one of their cheapie phones for $20. With it, we can get 60 minutes of calls for only $20. This will be for local calls, but we'll be able to use this BTC phone to top up our data plan on the iPad from our phone, instead of visiting a BTC office every month. You have to put the SIM card from the iPad into a "broken" phone, which I am not going to do with our iPhone. Lots of folks buy a cheap phone in the States and put a BTC SIM card in it when they get to The Bahamas, but a SIM card is $15. May as well get the whole phone for $20.
  Let it be noted that I'm not asking for advice. I won't listen to any.
  There are fewer regular cruisers around the harbor these days, but tourists are still visiting the hotels and taking the vacation homes in the area for weeks at a time. The regular hotspots like Chat 'N' Chill are still drawing a good crowd, and the beach there is a great place to meet folks on any given afternoon. We took the dinghy over on Saturday and Sunday afternoons both, and set up beach chairs and even a small umbrella to make shade for Holly. Regular beach bums.
  This morning I had to use the Hookamax to dive for Holly's collar in 20 feet of water. Rosie knocked it into the ocean when we came back from the beach yesterday. No big deal, but Holly's rabies tag was on the collar, something I like for her to have. I couldn't find the collar, or the drill bit I lost overboard a couple of days ago.
  I only saw some very small fish, but that's probably a good thing. Tonight, after dinner, we were sitting on the bow watching the sunset when I saw a dorsal fin break the surface of the water. I knew it was a shark, but then I saw the tail fin come at least four feet out of the water and my jaw dropped. It was probably a nurse shark, but it looked huge to us.
  I told Rosie the next time she drops something off the back of the boat, she'll be the one going after it. I won't tell her if I drop anything again.

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